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Repost for posterity

At least it'd be less stressful.

What happened to a few days ago, when everything was normal? And can we please go back?

Genma's returned from his missions...and suddenly nothing that I do is right, in anyone's opinion.

And now I'm two days behind in my work, because I'm too worried about what's happening to Iruka and I and the fact that, apparently, I'm either going to lose him or my best friend, if not both.

I'm going to bed so the day can be over with.

It's too quiet here.


*checks the date*

There's a very carefully written note on my calendar today (Iruka's handwriting obviously; teachers=good penmenship, doctors=scribbles) that says "Anko's birthday!" and has a somewhat evil looking smiley face drawn beside it.

Uh...Anko-san...I'd watch your step if I were you. ^.^ But happy birthday! (and any retaliation had better leave Iruka in one piece, ne?)


I know I'm a spazz, really. And if you're one of the people who still loves me anyway...well, you deserve a medal or something. Or a home-cooked meal. That much I can accommodate.

So I've been trying to name the fuzz ball (not that Iruka's been any help, really...Knucklehead? *sigh*)...and the best I'm coming up with is Renji. I kind of like the name...and, cheesy as it is, if you add an "o" to the beginning, you get "orenji"...which is what he is. XD

I need help.

I think the stress of the day has eaten away my brain. Hopefully it will return in the morning along with a clearer thought process.

Time to go curl up with my boys.

Oyasumi nasai!

Do I have "Sucker" written across my face?

Shopping list:
Litterbox & supplies
Food and water dishes
Collar (not pink)
Scratching post

I know Ibiki left that kitten in his office on purpose. He *knew* I'd be coming by and he *knew* I couldn't say no to rescuing the poor thing. Bastard.

I really hope that Iruka's not allergic, as I'm already rather attached to the fuzzy little beast. I could use some suggestions on a name though.


What have I gotten myself into this time?


Where on earth has the past month gone?

I've been caught up in a whirlwind of a month. A lot has happened in the village, for everyone, and I'm still trying to grasp everything. I can't even write it all down as some of it is not to be mentioned. Where to begin?

Ok. One month ago.Collapse )

Whatever happened to a nice, relaxing day?

Oh wait...I'm a shinobi. We don't get those, do we?

Honestly, if I didn't have the hope of getting to spend a little time with Iruka, I don't know how I'd be making it through the days right now. I never expected that playing nurse to a class of eight year-olds learning to throw shuriken could be the highlight of my day. ^.^ Or at least until I come home...


Iru, what do you say to dinner tonight? I'll cook. My place or yours, it doesn't matter to me, I just figure it'd be better to take my stress out on some poor, helpless produce than subject anyone to sparring with me right now. My aim might be off and someone might end up with a needle in their eye.

*checks the time, sees it's past one am*

Happy birthday to Temari-san! Hopefully it'll be a good one despite/because you're here in Konoha. Just be sure to leave Shikamaru-kun in one piece. ^.^ He's irreplaceable around here! By the way, when is the party actually starting? I'm supposed to go tell Iruka-san later today...

Date? No date? And no, not with Genma...girlish rambling to try and sort things out in my headCollapse )
Happy birthday to the woman who mentored me and looked after me when I had no family left and who has taught me so much more than just how many ways a shinobi can injure themselves and how to fix them back up.

I hope that you enjoy your party and your gift! ^.^

We turn not older with years but newer every day. - Emily Dickenson

My best friend is an old man ^.^

(and of course I can only say this because until November, he's technically two years older than me, not just one...and he's away on a mission to not see this)

Happy birthday you senbon sucking fool!  There shall be cupcakes waiting when you get back.